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Outer Space Series


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Celebration in Space, Acrylic & Gold Leaf, 21" x 27"

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Bubbling Over, Acrylic, 27" x 32"


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Night Music, Acrylic, 25" x 29"


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Purple Mindscape, Acrylic & Gold Leaf, 24" x 30.5"

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The Red Planet, Acrylic, 24" x 30"


Golden Planets, Acrylic & Gold Leaf, 24" x 30"


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Outer Space Series, Acrylic

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Artist Quote:

"Art is not just my hobby, it permeates every part of my life.    I have this compulsion to create and it can be many things,

  from oriental style to modern, miniature size to murals."

Millie Gallo, 1999

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